Wood And Paper

Paper, a supportable natural item based on sustainable unrefined substances, has a splendid future in a wide assortment of uses and end-employments. Worldwide megatrends, like urbanization, digitalization, and the developing working class are forming the mash and paper industry. We work in close participation with industry-driving organizations to address these patterns, and the advancing requirements and open doors. Joining top tier application ability, the most recent advancements for brilliant interaction the executives, and a total science portfolio, we assist clients with further developing their cycle proficiency, efficiency, and finished result quality.

Jurby International INC. gives a wide determination of synthetics for improving and advancing the presentation of pulping processes, deinking, and dying activities. With our profound wood and paper chemical ability, we can assist you with expanding your pulp factory’s creation quality and productivity and give advantages to the downstream interaction and the last paper, board, and tissue items.

Froth control and air expulsion are vital to forestall different quality, functional, and creation issues at pulp, wood, and paper factories. Jurby International INC. has a total line of defoamers to really control froth and entrained air in all mash and paper processes, from pulping to covering applications and wastewater treatment.


  • Wet Strength Resins
  • Dry Strength Resins
  • Surface Sizing Agents
  • Process Chemicals
  • Paper colorants
  • Deinking and pulping additives
  • Defoamers
  • Deposit control
  • Coating binders
  • Biocides and preservatives
  • Bleaching chemicals