We solve complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers. Our aim is to provide solution and best performance chemicals to industries. We aim to help industries grow and achieve sustainability.

The company has been prevailing its know-how and technologies to overseas companies and provide a wide range of services from engineering services to turn-key projects. The company also attached importance to opportunities in its growth strategy. Jurby International Inc. has a special place in the chemical industry with its structure offering various chemical products for different sectors.

Full Units
Reverse osmosis system, Ultrafiltration system, wastewater and recycling system, Desalination systems.
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Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Ultra-Filtration Membranes, Pressure Vessels for RO Membrane (FRP), Pressure Tank (FRP), Chemical Dosing Pump..
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JURBY INTERNATIONAL INC. is a chemical manufacturer based in Canada and has expanded its production activities in many different areas…
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Goin Green
We modify our current practices to reduce the amounts of waste generated by changing the design, manufacture, purchase, or use…
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Textile And Leather
Jurby International INC. has been the favored accomplice from fiber to design as well as modern answers for a long…
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From food to the energy business or metals and mining, we help water-serious enterprises to work on their interaction and…
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Wood And Paper
Paper, a supportable natural item based on sustainable unrefined substances, has a splendid future in a wide assortment of uses…
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We're placing more expectations on our water assets constantly. The more we produce, make, drink and discard, the more water…
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