Textile And Leather

Jurby International INC. has been the favored accomplice from fiber to design as well as modern answers for a long time, with a long-laid out history. Our mastery covers a thorough arrangement of arrangements going from plant-based unrefined substances, monomers, and added substances for the development of engineered filaments, to the covering synthetics expected to upgrade the worth of finished results. Through our commitment to the manageable advancement of the fiber and leather business zeroing in on better assurance of the climate, effective utilization of assets, and further developed shopper security, we perceive our obligation to our current circumstance and individuals that rely upon it.

From leather tanning to leather finishing, Jurby International INC. makes a wide scope of leather synthetic compounds, for all employments.

We embrace a catalyzing job in creating maintainable and biobased synthetics, for more effective and harmless to the ecosystem leather creation. Our item advancement is pointed toward moving towards items produced using inexhaustible unrefined components, or items with lower natural effect.


  • wetting agents
  • bleaching Additives
  • peroxide stabilizers
  • Enzymes
  • Oil Removers
  • Dying and printing additives
  • Neutralization & Buffer Acids
  • Softeners
  • Finishing Agents
  • Fiber Lubricants
  • Cohesion Agents
  • Anti-static Agents