We’re placing more expectations on our water assets constantly. The more we produce, make, drink and discard, the more water we use. How might we renew the water cycle and stay aware of our developing necessities?

To assist with watering treatment plant administrators, do this while enhancing the Total Cost of Ownership, we work in close participation with clients to lessen costs for energy, work, and synthetics, while securely accomplishing the designated water quality.

Our profound R&D and application expertise, secure stock organization, and complete innovation portfolio are a portion of the justifications for why we are the favored accomplice for protected, proficient, and reasonable compound water treatment.



Antiscalant and dispersants

The Jurby International INC. item family is a flexible series of polymeric Antiscalant, and dispersant sciences intended to deal with the most over the top vexing scale control difficulties.


  • Once-through and recirculating cooling water systems.
  • Boiler water treatment and sludge dispersion.
  • Cooling water treatment.
  • Membrane and thermal desalination.
  • Municipal wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial water treatment.

Biocides and disinfection

Biocide is a chemical or physical agent that prevents the biological deterioration of materials and has a controlling effect on harmful organisms. Biocides are used e.g., for disinfection, preservation, sterilization, sanitization, and microbial control.


Chemical flocculants

The types of flocculants, as such modern polyacrylamides, are cationic, anionic, or nonionic polyacrylamides. Jurby International Inc. polyacrylamides of wide scope of charge and atomic weight are sold in dry powder or emulsion design and have magnificent execution. Polyacrylamides generally require explicit disintegration gear to guarantee that the polymer is appropriately dissolved in water.


  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Potable water treatment / drinking water production / raw and surface water treatment
  • Specific industrial applications where inorganic coagulants are used as raw materials

Defoamers for Wastewater Treatment

Jurby International INC. makes a total arrangement of ecologically and interaction cordial defoamers for all municipal and industrial applications. Our adaptable products offering incorporates various sciences for different froth situations.


  • Water-based foam control
  • Water-extended oil-based foam control
  • Oil-based foam control
  • Oil-free foam control
  • Silicone-based foam control
  • Food-grade foam control